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New Training: Social Media 101

by NW3C Staff  -   November 14, 2013

In a nod to the increasing importance of social media to law enforcement (from investigations to public awareness campaigns), NW3C has developed a new “awareness training” designed to bring investigators, front-line officers, analysts and prosecutors up to speed on the latest trends and tools.

Social media networks and applications have transformed how people communicate in the last five years. This rapidly evolving marketplace churns out new tools and sites on a daily basis, making it tough for anyone to truly keep pace.

NW3C’s Social Media 101 seminar covers a number of topics, including:

  • How the most popular social media applications and websites work;
  • What investigative tools are available to search social media; and
  • Social media model policies and procedures for law enforcement.

“When we developed this class … there was not a lot of free training out there on this topic area,” said Jeff Lybarger, NW3C’s Fraud Complaint Supervisor for the Internet Crime Complaint Center. “A big point we make with regards to the value of the training is that law enforcement has to go to where their community is, and right now their community is online.”

Thus far, NW3C has scheduled nine of these free seminars across the country. Interest has been high. A Social Media 101 course offered in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 drew nearly 150 attendees. “There is a big need for this type of training,” Lybarger said. “It’s obvious from the registrations we’re getting.”

Attendees come away from the training with a resource USB drive that includes fact sheets on widely used social media platforms, model policies for social media use by law enforcement and other relevant information.
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