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  • Smartphone Vulnerability Exposed

    by John Everett  -   January 28, 2014
    Researchers recently discovered a previously unknown smartphone vulnerability: Criminals could fashion a device that looks and functions like a battery charger, but in reality transforms the phone into a hacker connection.

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  • Crypto Locker Virus Encrypts User Files

    by NW3C Staff  -   January 23, 2014
    Crypto Locker Ransomware is a malicious virus that encrypts files and then demands a ransom to unlock them. NW3C has prepared a threat advisory brief to provide information for criminal justice agencies about this ransomware.

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  • Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week: Jan. 13-17, 2014

    by NW3C Staff  -   January 16, 2014
    Jan. 13 through 17 is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. Americans need to be mindful of the potential for this crime as they are preparing tax returns.

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  • Digital Forensics Training: ILookIX

    by NW3C Staff  -   January 15, 2014
    NW3C offers in-depth training in Perlustro's ILookIX, a powerful forensics tool for law enforcement.

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