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  • NW3C Spotlighted Class: iLookIX

    by NW3C Staff  -   May 12, 2014
    NW3C will offer hands-on training in the use of iLookIX in several classes this summer. iLookIX is a law enforcement Windows® forensic toolset developed by Perlustro. Find out more.

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  • The Economic Espionage Act of 1996: An Underused Tool for Investigators

    by Kim Williams  -   May 6, 2014
    Economic Espoionage
    The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 contains two sections which directly address the theft of trade secrets, one relates specifically to espionage and one is more general in its language and application. Read more about this Act.

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  • Financial Investigations System Software Facilitates Speedy Analysis of Data

    by Kathryn Rinker and Kristin Koontz  -   April 30, 2014
    Financial Investigative Software
    NW3C’s utilization of the Financial Investigations System software drastically reduces the analytical and investigation timelines by quickly providing a large amount of financial data to law enforcement in a user-friendly format.

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  • Home Repair Scams Target the Elderly

    by Kim Williams  -   April 24, 2014
    home repair scams
    Con artists, pretending to be contractors, often target the elderly. Learn how to tell a crook from a legitimate contractor and how to avoid becoming a victim. Tips for law enforcement investigators are also included in this article.

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