Interview Tips

Are you one of those people who are uneasy about the prospect of answering questions in front of an interviewer or interview panel? If so, you can take a look at a few suggestions below to prepare you for any interview:

  • Research the company where you are applying and be prepared
  • Bring extra copies of your resume
  • Bring a pen and pad to take notes
  • If you cannot be a few minutes early, plan to be on time to the interview
  • Be courteous and patient with the first person who greets you at the door or waiting area
  • Turn off your cell phone, smart phone or pager
  • Offer a positive greeting to the interviewer and remember their name
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Remain positive throughout the interview, leave the negative comments at the door
  • Be familiar with the history, mission, values and vision of the company
  • Relate your responses to questions with the company where you are interviewing  
  • Remember to stay calm and focus on your concise responses; do not ramble and avoid using the same word over and over such as “like” or “umm.”
  • Be prepared to talk about  your past accomplishments confidently
  • Be prepared to ask one or two questions at the end of the interview to show that you are engaged and committed to learning and are interested in the company

Be prepared to talk about the following topics:

  • Interacting and working with other people
  • Solving problems
  • Thinking of new ideas or concepts
  • Being accountable
  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Being a member of or leading a team
  • Using a particular skill
  • An action that you took in the past that you could have done better and what you learned from the experience
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