WEBINAR: Metadata and EXIF Tags - What Criminal Investigators and Analysts Need to Know

Webinar - Metadata & EXIF TagsBecause of the shift in how people are choosing to communicate, they are unwittingly creating and transferring metadata associated with that communication. When you create a document or spreadsheet, you create metadata. When you view a file on a digital device, you create metadata. When you send an email attachment, you also send metadata. When you take a digital picture, you create a type of metadata called EXIF. When you engage in online social media activities, you transfer metadata to the Internet Service Provider.

Criminal investigators and analysts need to understand metadata: how it is created, how it is transmitted, how to recover it and how to use it in investigations. This Webinar will give criminal investigators and analysts a better understanding of each of these areas through real-world examples and step-by-step explanations.

Participants do not need to be from an NW3C member agency; however, a current law enforcement affiliation is required.

This is a LIVE webinar and will fill up fast. Register early!