ONLINE BRIEFING: Cyber Threats to Law Enforcement

  • Dates: 23 Jun – 26 Aug, 2013

Local, state and tribal law enforcement agencies face a new wave of significant threats and risks to which most are unprepared to respond or defend against. On a daily basis, the airwaves are filled with news stories of cyber-based intrusions into all types of computer networks and systems.

Our nation’s law enforcement infrastructure faces unprecedented levels of risk and threats that just a short time ago no one would have ever imagined possible.

The National White Collar Crime Center and the National Economic Security Grid, two non-profit organizations with strong ties to law enforcement, have joined forces to develop this critically important briefing, which will provide senior law enforcement executives with a solid understanding of the current and emerging cyber threat landscape.

The contents of this pre-recorded briefing are highly sensitive; and therefore, intended for viewing by senior law enforcement executives.