WEBINAR: NW3C's PerpHound

This presentation will demonstrate the features and capabilities of the latest version of NW3C's PerpHound™ tool. This tool, which is FREE to law enforcement who have attended the requisite training, simplifies the analysis of location information found in call detail records by merging cell tower records with call detail records then creating a file which can be opened in most available mapping utilities.

Those individuals who have already successfully completed Cyber Investigation 105 - Basic Cell Phone Investigations (BCPI) will be eligible to receive the latest version of PerpHound™. The updates are available at
http://perphound.nw3c.org. If you have not yet taken the course, please refer to the course description and the training schedule located at http://www.nw3c.org/training/computer-crime/31. Note there are currently 18 classes scheduled through the end of 2013.

Participants do not need to be from an NW3C member agency; however, a current law enforcement affiliation is required.



This is a LIVE webinar and will fill up fast. Register early!