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NW3C is a non-profit membership-affiliated organization comprised of state, local and tribal law enforcement, prosecutorial and regulatory agencies. We provide a nationwide support system for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic and high-tech crime. NW3C has member agencies in all 50 states, the U.S. Territories and foreign countries.

Membership is FREE; there are no application fees or yearly dues. 

If you would like to submit an application for you agency, please use our application process.

There are two types of membership, voting and associate.  Voting member agencies have full rights and privileges to participate in NW3C activities and a right to vote for representation on NW3C’s Board of Directors.  Associate member agencies have limited access to NW3C services, full rights and privileges to literature and networking opportunities, and are charged a nominal fee for NW3C-sponsored training.  NW3C does not offer membership to individuals nor private companies; only to eligible agencies.

To be eligible for membership, agencies must have a nexus to the prevention, investigation, or prosecution of economic crime, cyber crime, or terrorism and must meet the criteria of one of the following types:

Voting Membership

  • State, local and tribal law enforcement agencies;
  • State, local and tribal prosecutors; or
  • State, local and tribal agencies with criminal investigative authority.

Associate Membership

  • Any law enforcement agency or division of a federal or foreign government;
  • State or local government  agency with no statutory criminal investigative authority, or;
  • Duly constituted permanent task force comprised of two or more of above agencies (voting or associate)
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Member Services Contact

Phone: (800) 221-4424  ext. 3309
Email: Membership@nw3c.org

To request membership for your agency, please use our application process.

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