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  • Heartbleed Bug Creates Internet Security Worries

    by Kim Williams  -   April 10, 2014
    Anyone with a presence on social media has likely seen reports about the latest bug stirring online security concerns. Before panicking, take a moment to distinguish the hype from legitimate concerns.

  • Buyer Beware: Flood-Damaged Vehicles from Colorado Entering the Salvage and Used Car Marketplace

    by Howard Nusbaum, National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program (NSVRP)  -   April 8, 2014
    Improperly branded flood total loss vehicles represent a special risk to consumers. These vehicles tend to suffer from progressive corrosion, electrical failure, unhealthy mold and other problems, but they do not show any obvious indications of being damaged when they are superficially cleaned up.

  • Counterfeiting Causes More Harm than Many Realize

    by Kim Williams  -   April 2, 2014
    Whether the counterfeit product is a purse, a tire or a pill, it has far-reaching negative ramifications. Find out more about counterfeiting and how law enforcement may combat it.

  • Trending Now: Yik Yak

    by Kim Williams  -   March 18, 2014
    A new social media application called Yik Yak has recently gotten unwanted attention as a tool for bullying and threats. Yik Yak is similar to Twitter in the way it posts users’ updates; however, unlike Twitter, Yik Yak allows users to remain anonymous to each other.

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