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Social Media Investigations Spring Cleaning Tobacco Trafficking


  • Increasingly, Social Media Proves to Be a Crucial Criminal Investigative Tool

    by Ty Bowers  -   May 11, 2015
    A survey found that “eight out of every 10 law enforcement professionals actively use social media as a tool in investigations.”

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  • Spring Cleaning, Cyber-style

    by NW3C Staff  -   May 4, 2015
    Spring traditionally is the time of year when we get rid of stuff we don’t need, dust away the cobwebs and make improvements. Just like our homes, our cyber spaces need cleaning and updating also.

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  • The New Tobacco Road

    by Kim Williams  -   April 28, 2015
    Cigarette trafficking
    Cigarette smuggling allows organized crime gangs, terrorists and other criminals to siphon the profits from the sale of cigarettes away from local, state and federal governments and use them to fund other illegal activities or enrich their personal bank accounts. In the process, other crimes, such as money laundering, murder and counterfeiting are committed. By acting to stop the illegal trade in cigarettes, law enforcement will combat many other crimes in the process.

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  • Investigating Malicious Websites: Law Enforcement Can Play Pivotal Role in Clamping Down on Phishing

    by Ty Bowers  -   April 7, 2015
    With fraud and identity theft becoming an ever increasing threat, it is important that more investigators understand how websites are being targeted to host “phishing” kits to lure unsuspecting victims into giving out their personal information.

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