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VOICE Website Seeks to Empower Victims of Internet Crimes

by NW3C Staff  -   December 17, 2013

Every day more than one million people fall victim to cybercrimes. The National White Collar Crime Center is pleased to collaborate with Symantec to get the word out about resources for cybercrime victims. Please visit our new website www.VictimVoice.org and forward to anyone who has concerns about cybercrime. 

VictimVoice.org is a one-stop resource with free information related to online crimes. It explains what cybercrime is, guides people about steps they should take if they believe they may have been victimized by a cybercrime and also includes prevention tips. The website shares information via videos, text and links to other recommended websites. In its “Frequently Asked Questions” section, it answers basic questions someone might have about cybercrime and provides references for additional information. For instance, the question “What is cybercrime?” includes a brief definition and also a link to a more detailed description on Norton’s website.

In addition to providing a wealth of resources related to cybercrime in a well-organized and easy-to-navigate format, VictimVoice.org includes a link that allows users to file a complaint about an online crime directly with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Please check out the VOICE website today and share with others to help prevent and combat cybercrimes.


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