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Digital Forensics Training: ILookIX

by NW3C Staff  -   January 15, 2014

NW3C will offer hands-on training in the use of ILookIX, a law enforcement Windows® forensic toolset developed by Perlustro, from Feb. 17 to 21 in Carlisle, PA. The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office will host this 4.5-day course, which serves as an overview of the most used features of ILook Investigator.  It includes the IXImager to create a duplicate image of the hard disk and the examination of several hard drive partitions. 

The multiple aspects of this GUI-based forensic suite are presented with emphasis on imaging and processing of seized media. The student will walk through a case from previewing to the final reports and will be able to effectively conduct salvage, file signature analysis, registry analysis, hash analysis, deconstruction, keyword searches and more, on seized evidence. 

It does not teach basic forensics, but rather how to use the tool to perform forensic examinations. Many of the built in automated short cuts will be presented, which will assist in improved case preparation and analysis. 

It is expected that the students taking this class will already know forensic processing issues. This course suggests the applicant receives training in NW3C’s Cybercop 101 (BDRA) or the equivalent, prior to registering.

ILookIX Training

  • When: Feb. 17-21
  • Where: 1601 Ritner Highway, Carlisle, PA 17013
  • Details: Cost of the training is $2,000; students can register here.
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