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Smartphone Vulnerability Exposed

by John Everett  -   January 28, 2014
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In the U.S., more than 50 percent of mobile phone users own smartphones. With this number increasing steadily, it has kept smartphone developers busy trying to provide users with the latest designs and features. This growth has also kept hackers busy looking for ways to steal all the important information that users store on their smartphones. 

Researchers at Georgia Tech recently played the role of hacker to uncover possible vulnerabilities in smartphones. They were successful and came up with an item that would look and function as a battery charger but in the background transform a phone into a hacker connection. Once connected to a phone, this device would essentially expose all the information and personal data that someone might have tucked away in his or her device. The creators named this device “Mactans” and demonstrated it at the Black Hat Security conference late last summer. 

Since the experiment, Apple® has sent out updates to patch the security breach and protect its users from this threat. But Apple only accounts for 25 percent of all smartphones in use nationwide, which leaves a lot of room for hackers to operate. 

Consumers should remember that a smartphone is essentially a palm-sized computer. Proactive safeguards and security measures are advantageous in keeping your personal information personal.


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