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  • Health Care Fraud

    by Lindsey Bousfield  -   February 28, 2014
    The U.S. spends over $2 trillion on health care annually. Of that amount, more than $80 billion is lost to fraud every year. Find out more about health care fraud in this informative infographic.

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  • Trending Social Media Applications

    by NW3C Staff  -   February 25, 2014
    New social media applications appear regularly. Many of the social media applications listed here are designed for mobile devices, which is another trend in itself. Most are free to use.

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  • New Course Helps Network Administrators Sidestep Cybercrime

    by NW3C Staff  -   February 20, 2014
    Computer Network Defense instructs students on the fundamentals of securing computer networks.

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  • New Training DVD Focuses on ‘Social Media and School Violence’

    by Ty Bowers  -   February 12, 2014
    Young people often provide clues online about gang activity, drug dealing and other criminal behaviors before they happen. Learning about trends in social media and the ways in which students interact is essential to proactive policing.

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