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  • Financial Investigations System Software Facilitates Speedy Analysis of Data

    by Kathryn Rinker and Kristin Koontz  -   April 30, 2014
    Financial Investigative Software
    NW3C’s utilization of the Financial Investigations System software drastically reduces the analytical and investigation timelines by quickly providing a large amount of financial data to law enforcement in a user-friendly format.

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  • Home Repair Scams Target the Elderly

    by Kim Williams  -   April 24, 2014
    home repair scams
    Con artists, pretending to be contractors, often target the elderly. Learn how to tell a crook from a legitimate contractor and how to avoid becoming a victim. Tips for law enforcement investigators are also included in this article.

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  • New Website Provides Resources for Cybercrime Victims

    by Kim Williams  -   April 17, 2014
    The new VOICE website serves as a comprehensive, trustworthy resource for both victims of Internet-related crimes and for all people who spend time online.

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  • Heartbleed Bug Creates Internet Security Worries

    by Kim Williams  -   April 10, 2014
    Anyone with a presence on social media has likely seen reports about the latest bug stirring online security concerns. Before panicking, take a moment to distinguish the hype from legitimate concerns.

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