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IC3 Scam Alerts: Latest Scams Targeting Internet Users

by Internet Crime Complaint Center | Jan 08, 2013
New scams and new twists to old schemes are subject of latest IC3 Alert.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a new alert that details recent cyber crime trends and new twists to previously existing cyber scams.

In a new twist to the commonly reported "online tech support" scam, computer users complain of frozen or blue screens just prior to receiving calls from individuals who claim to be from a major software company. These scammers promise to fix users' computers for a fee. It remains unclear whether the locked computers are directly related to unsolicited phone calls from scammers, or if users had experienced computer problems prior to receiving the calls.

IC3 also reports receiving intelligence related to telephone denial of service (TDoS) attacks that have targeted emergency service departments nationwide.

Other items featured in this latest scam alert include: new malware making the rounds online, a list of Internet users' most popular (and weak, easy-to-steal) passwords, and information about a scam that uses the IC3 name to dupe victims.

Read the full alert here.


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