Analytical Support

The skills or resources required to develop complex financial crimes cases can exceed a single department’s or agency’s expertise or available manpower. That’s when NW3C analysts can step in to help.

Analytical assistance is available to our voting member agencies involved in designated cases.

Our team is frequently called upon to help establish possible links between criminal targets and associated criminal activity. Our analysts also provide link charts, timelines and graphs for court presentations. The types of products we deliver include:

  • Financial analysis (bank record analysis, source and application of funds, net worth analysis)
  • Communications analysis (phone tolls, email analysis, electronic messaging)
  • Link analysis (association charting, event/timeline and commodity flow charting)

Many of our analysts are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), certified i2 Analyst’s Notebook® instructors and certified NW3C FIAT (Foundation of Intelligence Analysis Training) instructors.

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