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The study and investigation of high-tech and economic crimes can involve focusing on a wide array of information. Topics and data sources can range from being extremely limited to all-encompassing in scope. The following list of websites represents a collection of Internet resources which provide information on a wide range of topics pertinent to the study and investigation of white collar crime. These topics include:

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 Check Fraud  Child Pornography  Computer Crime/WWW Issues
 Consumer Protection  Communications Fraud  Credit Card Fraud
 Criminal Justice Information  Disaster Fraud  Financial/Business News Reports
 Government Web Sites  Health Care Fraud  Identity Theft
 Insurance Fraud  International Issues/Law Enforcement  Internet Fraud
 Investigative Sources  Legal Sources/Reference  Local/State Law Enforcement
 Newspapers  Organized Crime  Other News Sources
 Periodicals  Professional Associations, Trainings  Search Engines/Tools
 Search for People/Businesses    Securities and Investment Fraud
 Statistics    Terrorism


Check Fraud Back to Top
National Check Fraud Center -
Office of the Comptroller of Currency -

Child Pornography Back to Top

Communications Fraud Back to Top
Communications Fraud Control Association -

Computer Crime/WWW Issues Back to Top
FBI—Cyber Crime -
Department of Justice - Computer Crime -
Finger! -
INFOSYSSEC - Information System Security Professionals -
Internet Crime Complaint Center -
Internet Scam Busters -
Looks Too Good To Be True -
University of Oklahoma University Police Department - Safety on the Internet  -

Consumer Protection Sites Back to Top
OnGuardOnline -
American Association of Retired Persons -
Better Business Bureau -
Consumer World -
Federal Trade Commission -
ICC Commercial Law -
National Consumers League -
National District Attorneys Association -
The 'Lectric Law Library Lawcopedia's Consumer Rights & Protections -
Office for Victims of Crime -

Credit Card Fraud Back to Top

Criminal Justice Information Back to Top
FSU - College of Criminology Research & Publications -
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority -
National Association of Attorney Generals -
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data Criminal Justice Organizations -
National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice -
National Fraud Information Center -
National Institute of Justice -

Disaster Fraud Back to Top
Department of Homeland Security -
Hurricane Insurance Information -
Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force – U.S. DOJ -

Financial/Business News Reports Back to Top

Government Web Sites Back to Top
Bureau of Justice Assistance -
Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) - U.S. Department of Justice -
Bureau of Labor Statistics -
Central Intelligence Agency -
CIA – Factbook on Intelligence -
Code of Federal Regulations (Electronic/Searchable) -
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) -
Department of Treasury -
Department of Homeland Security -
Drug Enforcement Administration -
FBI Home Page -
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives -
Federal Bureau of Prisons Homepage -
Federal Communications Commission -
Federal Digital System Search (All Government Puvblications) -
Federal Reserve Board -
Incident Management Response (Dept of Energy) -
National Information Center – Federal Reserve System -
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) -
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Criminal Enforcement -
Library of Congress Home Page -
National Technical Information Service (NTIS) -
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page -
Social Security Administration -
Social Security Administration – Office of Inspector General -
U.S. Customs and Border Protection -
United States Department of Justice Home Page -
United States Environmental Protection Agency -
US General Accounting Office, Special Publications -
U.S. Government Web Portal -
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services -
U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -
United States Postal Inspection Service -
United States Postal Service -
United States Secret Service -
U.S. Bureau of the Census -
U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics -
U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics -
U.S. Dept of Commerce -
U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp -
U.S. Marshals Service -
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission -
White House - Briefing Room -

Military Sites Back to Top
Air Force Office of Special Investigations -
Department of Defense -
Federal Aviation Administration -
U.S. Department of State -
U.S. Department of the Interior -
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs -

Health Care Fraud Resources Back to Top
National Council Against Health Fraud -
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association -
Your Guide to Health Care Fraud -

Identity Theft Resources Back to Top
AARP – Scams & Fraud - Identity Theft -
FBI - Identity Theft -
FTC - Consumer Sentinel -
FTC – Take Charge: What to do if Your Identity is Stolen -
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - IDentity Theft Data Breaches -
Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) -
Michigan State University – ID Theft -
Social Security Administration – Identity Theft -

Insurance Fraud Back to Top
Coalition Against Insurance Fraud -
National Insurance Crime Bureau -
FBI – Insurance Fraud -

International Issues/Law Enforcement Websites Back to Top
Australian Federal Police -
Canada Criminal Intelligence Service -
Financial Action Task Force -
The Home Office -
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) -
International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL -
Justice Institute of British Columbia -
Metropolitan Police -
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Main Page -
United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network -

Internet Fraud Resources Back to Top
FBI - Common Fraud Schemes -—Internet Fraud -
Internet Crime Complaint Center -
Internet Fraud Watch -

Investigative Sources Back to Top
American Association of Retired Persons -
America's Most Wanted -
Ancestry's Social Security Death Index -
National Insurance Crime Bureau -
C/Net -
Dialog -
Dun & Bradstreet -
Equifax -
Experian -
The Fraud Detectives Consultant Network -
High Technology Crime Investigation Association -
International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) -
The Institute of Internal Auditors -
InterNet Bankruptcy Library -
Justice Research and Statistics Association -
KnowX Public Records Searches -
National Association of Credit Management -
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority -
NFC Global, LLC -
National Fraud Information Center -
Securities Class Action Clearinghouse – Stanford University -
Sex Offender.Com -
Standard & Poor -
The Police Officer's Internet Directory -
The World's Most Wanted -
Trans Union -
VA State Police: Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry -

Legal Sources/Reference Back to Top
Cornell University - United States Code - - Laws and Regulations -
Hawaii Legal References -
Internet Legal Resource Guide -
Social Law Library - Legal Information on the Internet -
World Criminal Justice Library Network -

Local/State Law Enforcement Web Sites Back to Top
COPNET: Police Resource List -
High Technology Crime Investigation -
Police Technology Crime Investigation Association -

Newspapers Back to Top
Atlanta Journal - Constitution -
Boston Globe -
Chicago Tribune -
Dallas Daily News -
LA Times -
San Francisco Examiner -
The New York Times on the Web -
The -
USA Today -

Organized Crime Back to Top
Project America - Organized Crime -

Other News Sources Back to Top

Professional Associations, Trainings Back to Top
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences -
American Society of Criminology -
Anacapa Sciences, Inc. -
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Home Page -
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center -
Financial Action Task Force -,2987,en_32250379_32235720_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators, Inc. -
International Association of Chiefs of Police -
International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists -
International Association of Crime Analysts -
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Inc. – IALEIA -
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy -
Taxpayers Against Fraud -
United Council on Welfare Fraud -

Search Engines/Tools Back to Top
Ask Search -
Dogpile -
Google -
iTools -
Virtual Reference Desk - Search Engines -

Search for People/Businesses Back to Top
Ancestry -
Yellow Pages - Verizon Super -
Hoover's Online database -
Four11 Directory Services -
InfoSpace- The Ultimate Directory -
Internet Address Finder -
Reference.COM Search -
The - Directory -
The National Address Server -
The Skip Trace and Locating Missing Persons Pages -
The New Ultimate White Pages -
Tina's Adoption Seaarch and Reform Pages -
United States Zip Codes - Zip Code Lookup
USPS ZIP Code Lookup -
Welcome to WhoWhere? -

Securities and Investment Fraud Back to Top
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network -
North American Securities Administrators Association -

Statistics Back to Top
FBI – Uniform Crime Reports -
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data -
National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice -
Pew Internet and American Life Project -
U.S. Bureau of the Census -
U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics -
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -
U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics -

Terrorism Back to Top
FBI - Terrorism -
FBI - How to Prevent Attacks -
Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism -
National Counterterrorism Center -

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