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Mortgage Fraud

There is no tuition fee for this NW3C class for anyone actively employed with a State, Local or Tribal Law Enforcement agency.

For any class with a duration of 2 days or more, NW3C will charge Federal employees $750.00 per student. Agencies will receive an invoice upon completion of the training.

Mortgage fraud is a multi-billion dollar a year problem in the United States. Infrastructure held in place by strong neighborhoods and communities are feeling the devastating effects of mortgage fraud, and subsequently, vacant property crimes.

Mortgage fraud training for investigators and prosecutors is being offered by the NW3C as part of a larger collaborative BJA effort. The 2 ½ day course introduces attendees to the traditional mortgage process, and explores the common fraud schemes during each part of the process, while identifying red flags within the transactions and documents. Instructors discuss real-life examples of past and present cases and assist students in working through a mortgage fraud scenario involving several types of fraudulent activity. Many times mortgage fraud is not a singular type of fraud and it may encompass other crimes.

The training includes presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • Players, Transactions, and Documents (How the mortgage process should work)
  • Common Schemes (Descriptions of the schemes and indicators of fraud)
    • Origination and Processing Fraud Schemes
      • Application Fraud
      • Identity Theft
      • Straw Buyer
      • Multiple Loans
      • Property Theft
      • Appraisal Fraud
      • Silent Seconds
      • Illegal Flipping
      • Illegal Short Sales
      • Builder Bailout
    • Closing and Post-Closing Fraud Schemes
      • Reverse Mortgage Scams
      • Illegal Loan Modification
      • Foreclosure Rescue Scam
      • Section 8 Fraud
      • Real Estate Owned (REO) Property
      • Bizarre Scams

There is 1 Mortgage Fraud class currently scheduled.

Date Length Location Instructor(s) Registration Addendum
Wed, Aug 27, 2014 2.5 Days FDLE - Tapa Bay Regional Operations Center
4211 N. Lois Avenue
Main Auditorium (ABC)
Tampa, FL 33614
Inquire if Needed Request

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