Cyber Investigation 100 - Identifying and Seizing Electronic Evidence - Web Based

This course provides law enforcement professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to an electronic crime scene and to safely and methodically collect and preserve items of evidentiary value that may be used in court proceedings.

At the end of instruction students will be able to:

  • Recognize various types of electronic media and hardware used for storing electronic data. Items include computers, thumb drives, media cards, PDAs, etc.
  • Explain the steps involved in orchestrating a digital evidence-based seizure and the legalities that surround it.
  • Explain how to identify, preserve, collect, search, package, document and transfer digital evidence.
  • Department of Homeland Security Approved Course

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  Length Class Part/Link Status
20 minPre-test

In this module the course pre-test will be completed. Students who score 80 percent or higher will NOT be required to take the course.  Successful completion of the pre-test will satisfy prerequisite requirements but will not award the student with a certificate of completion. Students who score less than 80 percent on the pre-test should proceed to the next learning module, Course Introduction.

10 minCourse Introduction

Evidence of criminal activity can be found in the form of electronic evidence. This module will present how this technology has changed the face of crime and why it is now necessary to be able to recognize, prepare, preserve, and collect this form of evidence.

20 minPreparation

In this module you will learn what considerations you will need to incorporate into your Pre-Raid planning or to be ready to seize electronic evidence at a crime scene.

20 minRecognition

Electronic evidence can be found in a wide variety of devices, in all sorts of shapes, and sizes. In this module, you will learn to identify these sources of potential electronic evidence.

20 minPreservation

In this module you will learn how to preserve electronic evidence at the scene of a crime that can be collected for later analysis.

20 minCollection

In this module you will learn the best practices for the seizure of electronic evidence.

20 minCase Scenario

In this module you will work through a case that involves electronic evidence.  You will need to apply the investigative techniques and technical skills that you learned through this course.

20 minFinal Examination (Post-test)

In this module the final examination will be completed. Students must score 80 percent or higher pass the test. If 80 percent or higher is achieved,students will be awarded a certificate of completion.

5 minEvaluation

Student feedback is an important part of the training cycle. Please complete the following evaluation to assist us in determining the effectiveness of our training and to obtain 100% completion for this course.

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