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NW3C offers free online courses to law enforcement personnel that provide training for a variety of roles, including “First Responders”, who identify and seize digital evidence; and “Forensic Examiners”, who perform complex analysis of stored data.

To take an online course you must register for the course, have an account with NW3C and be logged in.  If you do not have an account one will be created for you via the registration process if you are eligible to take courses with NW3C.

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Cyber Investigation

CI 099 - Basic Computer Skills for Law Enforcement (BCS-WB)

CI 100 - Identifying and Seizing Electronic Evidence - Web Based (ISEE-WB)

CI 103 - Introduction to Cell Phone Investigations (ICPI-WB)

CI 131 - Social Media Basics (SMB-WB)

CI 141 - Encryption (ENC-WB)

CI 151 - First Responders & Digital Evidence (LC1-WB)

CI 152 - Search Warrants & Digital Evidence (LC2-WB)

CI 153 - Searching Without a Warrant (LC3-WB)

CI 154 - The Stored Communications Act (LC4-WB)

CI 155 - Online Undercover (LC5-WB)

CI 156 - Post-Seizure Evidentiary Concerns (LC6-WB)

CI 157 - Mobile Digital Devices and GPS (LC7-WB)

CI 210 - GPS Interrogation (GPSI-WB)


CS 100 - Introduction to Computer Networks (ICN-WB)

Financial Crime

FC 100 - Overview of White Collar Crime (WCC-WB)

FC 141 - Human Trafficking Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers (HTA-WB)

FC 142 - Human Trafficking Awareness for West Virginia Law Enforcement Officers (HTAWV-WB)

Public Training/Resources

Cyberbullying: Our Children, Our Problem (Cyberbullying)


Gaming Devices (GDR-WB)

Intellectual Property Theft Resource (IPTR-WB)

Prosecuting Insurance Fraud Resource (PIFR-WB)

White Collar Crime Statutes Resource (SSR-WB)

Forensics Tool Testing

National Institute of Standards and Technology

In an effort to enhance its support for law enforcement at the state and local level, NW3C participates in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) steering committee.

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