Vehicle Theft: Online Salvage and VIN Cloning
This five-part video training course outlines the basics of the salvage auction fraud environment and provides law enforcement with tools to investigate it. The training also covers Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) cloning and related auto crimes. Local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement, DMV Investigators and regulatory personnel involved in auto theft, motor vehicle investigations and related automobile fraud matters will find this is an excellent introductory course for both patrol and investigative personnel.

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Training content is divided into five sections:

Part 1 - Vehicle Identification Basics: History & Background. Learn about the history behind the creation of standardized Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and ways to detect when VINs and Federal Safety Certification Labels (FSCLs) have been altered to hide the provenance of a vehicle.

Part 2 - Salvage Schemes and Related Auto Frauds. 
This module covers the ways in which criminals attempt to conceal stolen or fraudulently obtained vehicles. Learn the red flags found in various transactions and among vehicle paperwork.

Part 3 - Auctions: History and Evolution. 
Over the decades, vehicle auctions have grown into multi-million-dollar enterprises. As these types of sales have grown more common, especially those in which the buyer does not have to be physically present, criminals have found ways to exploit the process.

Part 4 - VIN Cloning and Salvage Auction Fraud: Detection and Investigation. D
elve into the detection and investigation of various salvage and auction vehicle frauds. Learn how to utilize data gathered from Internet investigations to pinpoint crucial details about vehicle ownership and location.

Part 5 - NMVTIS: National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. 
The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) was created to address auto fraud and protect consumers. Learn more about how law enforcement can utilize this powerful resource in investigations.
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