FC122 Intellectual Property Theft Training  (1 Day)


Live Online Training
Thu 06/18/2020
9:00am-5:00pm Eastern

Course description
This course introduces the problem of intellectual property theft and provides tools, techniques, and resources for investigating and prosecuting these crimes. A combination of lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises illustrates the potential dangers and economic repercussions of counterfeit products, as well as best practices and techniques for investigating IP theft. Students are provided with relevant statutes, sample organizational documents for IP investigations, and additional resources for investigators and prosecutors.

This course is presented in collaboration with the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG).

Awareness. Types of IP crimes. The criminals who commit these crimes. Impacts and dangers.

Investigation. Online and traditional techniques. Working with brand experts and the private sector. Large amounts of evidence. Resources.

Statutes. Prosecutorial theories. State-specific discussion.

Hands-on experience. Work with "real" counterfeit products. Identify fakes with expert guidance.

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