FC500 Instructor Development Program: Victim-Centered Response to Elder Exploitation  (2 Days)

Live Online Training
Wed 05/19/2021 - Thu 05/20/2021
9 AM - 5 PM Eastern

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This course was funded by the Office for Victims of Crime.

Course description

NW3C is looking for qualified and passionate professionals to enroll in our innovative Train-the-Trainer (T3) program. Through a supportive partnership with the Office for Victims of Crime, NW3C has created a 2-day training titled Victim Centered Responses to Elder Exploitation (VCREE) to help law enforcement, finance and banking professionals, APS workers, and other professionals combat elder exploitation using a trauma-informed approach. Individuals who complete this T3 course will work with NW3C to deliver a 4-hour training to others within their industry or community.

This training is broken down into three components. During the first four-hour training block, participants will gain an understanding of trauma and how it can affect victims and develop strategies for responding to elder exploitation using a trauma-informed approach. During the next four-hour block, students will dive into adult learning principles and discuss presentation skills. The second day will include a group practicum presentation that will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned and receive feedback from our instructors. Following the completion of this course, participants will become VCREE instructors.

There is a growing need for trauma-informed professionals to tackle issues of elder abuse and exploitation. The T3 allows interested professionals to not only learn about trauma-informed practices in cases of elder exploitation, but also develop the skills needed to teach others. By participating in this T3 with other professionals, and committing to teaching 25 people in your community, together we’re increasing and improving the number of older adults who will have access to qualified assistance. To provide further support, T3 participants will have access to NW3C’s instructor resources, our WebEx platform, and assistance from experts in live-online training as you share this course with your professional network.

Please review the Memorandum of Agreement that will be required from you on the first day of class to qualify for this program.

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Computer Requirements
The hands-on practical exercises are intensive, critical to understanding the material being taught, and required to successfully complete the class. If your computer hardware does not meet the mandatory requirements listed below, your experience in taking the class will be less than ideal and may also impact other students while the instructors take time to troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

Mandatory Operating System Requirements
Operating system. Your computer must be running Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS v10.12 or later. Make sure your operating system is fully updated prior to class.
Smartphones and tablets are prohibited.

Mandatory Software Requirements
Google Chrome. The recommended browser to launch our virtual lab environment.
Webex Meetings. Required to enter our live online training environment, Webex Training Center.
Webex Chrome Extension. Required to launch our live online training environment, Webex Training Center, and works hand-in-hand with the Webex Meetings application.

Mandatory Hardware Requirements
Dual monitors. You will need one monitor to join the online classroom, view presentations, see the instructor’s shared screen, and interact with the instructor(s). The second monitor is needed to join and complete hands-on practical exercises. Not being able to see both interfaces simultaneously will make it difficult, if not impossible to successfully complete hands-on practical exercises. Large screen monitors, trying to run the two different interfaces split screen, will NOT work. Multiple computers can also work as a substitute to having multiple monitors.
Hard-wired, high-speed Internet connection. A wireless Internet connection may be sufficient, however, a wired connection will improve latency and buffering, and will also provide better connection speeds and stability overall.
Speakers. We recommend a headset, headphones, or earbuds to eliminate feedback and echo if using your microphone.

If you have any questions regarding the mandatory minimum hardware requirements, please contact liveonline@nw3c.org.

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