Financial Crime Investigations Fundamentals  (2 Days)

Live Online Training
Wed 05/05/2021 - Thu 05/06/2021
9 AM - 6 PM Eastern

Course description
This course aims to train students to identify investigative needs, practical tools and sources of information, and tools necessary to plan and execute effective financial investigations. We will begin with a description of the basic composition of elements within illicit financial networks and their vulnerabilities. We will then move through the role of critical actors operating within these networks and their efforts to manipulate legitimate financial and business systems. Course material will describe government, regulatory, and investigative activities within the United States and international partners that empower not only financial investigations, but also the structures to detect and report illicit actors and networks' actions. The course will discuss considerations for investigation planning and promotion of creative thinking.

Key concepts in this course include:
     • Recognize illicit network vulnerabilities.
     • The movement of money and messaging systems.
     • Money services businesses and remittance systems.
     • Tools and techniques of money laundering professionals.
     • Prepare for financial investigations.
     • Prepare for investigation of prepaid cards and stored value cards.

Presented by:
Mike Loughnane and Robert Bacon

This course is eligible for ACFE, ACAMS, and ACFS certification continuing education hours.

Students who complete this course and pass the post test are eligible for 1.0 point toward the CECFE certification.

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