Advanced Video Forensics  (4 Days)

Live Online Training
Mon 08/23/2021 - Thu 08/26/2021
9 AM- 5 PM Eastern

Course description
The Advanced Video Forensics (AVF) course is a four-day course designed to give investigators, forensic examiners, and analysts a deep understanding of digital video technology and enable them to answer complex questions about video evidence.

Students will gain a foundational knowledge of how digital video is encoded and stored in order to provide expert analysis. This course will also focus on the authentication of digital video (including deepfake videos) and identifying the source of unknown video files. A variety of cell phone captured and transmitted video, as well as cloud and social media stored files, will be utilized to effectively interpret and gain insight into video from various sources. Open-source tools, as well as the Medex Forensics video examination tool, will be featured to give students real-world insights into practical use cases. Students should have some experience in digital and/or video forensics prior to attending.

Key concepts in this course include:
     • Binary composition of video files
     • Understanding video metadata
     • Video authentication
     • Social media/cloud-stored video
     • Articulating expert results

Presented by:
Brandon Epstein and Bertram Lyons

This course is eligible for 32 hours of education credit toward IAI Forensic Video Examiner Certification (CFVE) (initial and recertification).

NOTE: This is an interactive live online training class and a microphone is required to interact with the instructor(s).

All classes are subject to cancellation up to 45 days before the start of class if the minimum class registration threshold is not met.


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