Cognitive Interviewing Techniques: The Next Level  (2 Days)

Katy, TX
Tue 11/09/2021 - Wed 11/10/2021
8 AM - 5 PM Central
Legacy Stadium

1830 Katyland Drive
Katy, TX 77493

Course description
Interviewing is the exchange of information with a particular goal in mind. For police officers, that goal usually means using your skills to discover information, learn the facts of a crime, and present evidence in court. This two-day course will take your interviewing skills to the next level by introducing the art of cognitive interviewing when dealing with suspects, witnesses, and victims and when testifying in court. Topics include influence and persuasion with difficult witnesses and suspects, interpretation of body language for deceit and truthfulness, and best practices for testimony and reframing cross examination. You will learn methods to observe brain-based deceptive behavior and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, in both face-to-face and virtual communications. The instructor will break down the foundational concepts pertaining to how the brain interprets and recalls information, providing an essential framework for more effective communication. There is a strong focus on communication in the courtroom, from testimony to building rapport to "reading" a jury.

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