Cognitive Interviewing Techniques: The Next Level  (2 Days)

Live Online Training
Mon 09/26/2022 - Tue 09/27/2022
9 AM - 6 PM Eastern

Course description
Cognitive interviewing begins with understanding the person you are interviewing beyond the basic pedigree information. This holds true for victims, witnesses, and suspects. Each person needs a different strategy or technique. This class focuses on understanding how people think and their mindset, especially in the advent of the reliance on technology and a shortened attention span. In this two-day class, students learn different cognitive and influential techniques in order to reach people at a deeper level to effectively obtain more information and evidence. Students learn how to be more effective interviewers of victims, witnesses, and suspects, while teaching them how to observe brain-based deception and other behaviors. Real life examples and illustrations will help students apply these techniques in their investigations as well as in the courtroom.

Key concepts covered in this course include: 
     • Cognitive techniques for interviewing
     • How people think and their mindset
     • How to more effectively interview a victim, witness, and suspect
     • Observe brain-based deception and other behaviors
     • Real life examples and illustrations

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