The Role of Online Social Media in Predicting and Interdicting Spree Killings: Case Studies and Analysis  (1 Day)

Indianapolis, IN
Tue 09/13/2022
9 AM - 5 PM Eastern
Indiana War Memorial Auditorium

55 Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners, school and university administrators, and others responsible for workplace and public safety. Please register using your agency-issued email.

Course description
Online social media and emerging methods of electronic communication are changing how people communicate and interact with world around them. Increasingly, those contemplating engaging in acts of spree violence will express themselves in online social media. It is important that investigators, analysts, and those responsible for school, workplace, and public safety understand how this behavior plays a key role in predicting and interdicting the violence. Items of evidentiary value can now often be recovered from online communities. This evidence can provide indicators of planned violence and help to shed light on the thought processes and motivations that led to the tipping point of violence.

The training will explore the interaction between social media and spree violence through a historical examination of case studies ranging in time from 1927 to 2022. Police, prosecutors, probation officers, school and university administrators, and others responsible for workplace and public safety can all benefit from this training.

NOTICE: Course contains graphic content including profanity and sexual and violent images.

All classes are subject to cancellation up to 45 days before the start of class if the minimum class registration threshold is not met.

This training is qualified for seven hours of Indiana LETB annual in-service law enforcement training.  All registered attendees will receive a certificate of training completion from NW3C.

Introductions by:
Zach Myers, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana
Superintendent Doug Carter, Indiana State Police
Chief Randal Taylor, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Training provided by:
Steve DeBrota, Vice President and Chief Counsel NW3C, Federal Prosecutor (ret.)
Chuck Cohen, Vice President NW3C, Indiana State Police Captain (ret.)

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