CP OSNII - Successful Use of Online Social Networking for Investigations and Intelligence  (2 Days)


Oxford, GA
Thu 06/28 - Fri 06/29
Oxford College of Emory University

110 Few Circle
Science Building
Room 115
Oxford, GA 30054

This 2-day course provides students an up-to-date understanding of how social networking sites work and how members act and interact. Student will learn what information is available on various sites and how to integrate that information into criminal investigations and criminal intelligence analysis.

The course is designed for criminal intelligence analysts, special agents, and other investigators.

Students with any level of familiarity with the Internet and computers, from beginning to advanced, will find this course beneficial.

A Few Key Learning Points:

  • Have a clear understanding how criminals exploit social communities through case studies and live online examples. 
  • Become acquainted with the latest mobile social networking technology and platforms, including geotagged photographs, Life360, and mobile VoIP.
  • Be familiar with the operation of the largest sites, to include: Twitter®, Facebook®, Youtube®, Ask.fm®, Snapchat®, Foursquare®, and Tumblr®.
  • Learn various ways of concealing the location from which the Internet is accessed when using online social networks.
  • Understand how criminal organizations use online social networks to interact, identify victims, and conceal their identity.
  • Receive extensive information on the two leading trends in online social networks—microblogging and mobilization.
  • Become acquainted with the latest mobile social networking technology and platforms, including geolocation.
  • Explore the phenomena of virtual worlds and massively multi-player games, and understand how criminals recruit, communicate, and launder money in these environments.
  • Learn about the risk to law enforcement officers, especially undercover investigators, posed by online social networking, social media, and viral videos.
  • Learn how to identify real-life intelligence targets by participating in the virtual world of social networking.

NOTICE: Course contains graphic content including profanity, and sexual and violent images.


This course is ideal for analysts and investigators.

If you have questions about this training, please email Training Support.

About the Instructor:

Capt. Chuck Cohen has a MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and an undergraduate degree from Indiana University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  He is the managing member of Cohen Training & Consulting and speaks nationally and internationally on the implications of online social networks in criminal investigations and criminal intelligence gathering. Capt. Cohen is a 20-year veteran with the Indiana State Police currently serving as Commander, Cybercrime and Investigative Technologies.

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