DF103 Basic Digital Forensic Analysis: Acquisition  (2 Days)


Orland Park, IL
Wed 07/24/2019 - Thu 07/25/2019
Orland Park Police Department

15100 Ravinia Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462

Course description
This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to acquire images in a forensically-sound manner from Windows-based and macOS-based computers, as well as mobile devices. Presentations and hands-on practical exercises cover topics including the digital forensic process, hardware and software write blockers, forensic image formats, live imaging, and multiple forensic acquisition methods. Students gain hands-on experience with free and commercial third-party imaging tools that are currently used by practitioners in the field.

Recommended skills
This course is intended for law enforcement personnel with a solid understanding of computers and common software applications.

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