DF320 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: macOS  (4 Days)


Montgomery Village, MD
Mon 12/09/2019 - Thu 12/12/2019
Montgomery County Police Department

Public Safety Training Academy
8751 Snouffer School Rd
Rm 126
Montgomery Village, MD 20877

Course description
This course teaches students to identify and collect volatile data, acquire forensically-sound images of Apple Macintosh computers, and perform forensic analysis of macOS operating system and application artifacts. Students gain hands-on experience scripting and using automated tools to conduct a simulated live triage, and use multiple methods to acquire forensically-sound images of Apple Macintosh computers. Topics include how the macOS default file system stores data, what happens when files are sent to the macOS Trash, where operating system and application artifacts are stored, and how they can be analyzed. Forensic artifacts covered include password recovery, recently-opened files and applications, encryption handling, Mail, Safari, Messages, FaceTime, Photos, Chrome, and Firefox.

Performing live triage. Preserving data from systems in different states. Commands for collecting non-persistent data. Introduction to shell scripting.

Macintosh imaging. Manual and automated imaging methods. Identify imaging challenges.

Processing basics. Mounting images; viewing hidden files; the standard OS X directory structure.

Partitioning schemes. Apple Partition Map, GUID Partition Table, Master Boot Record.

HFS+. Structure of an HFS+ formatted storage volume and how files and directories are tracked and saved.

Artifacts. Operating system and application artifacts.

Recommended skills
This is an advanced course, intended for digital forensic examiners who have experience working with macOS, and experience preserving and collecting data of evidentiary value.

NW3C recommends that students complete the following courses before registering for Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: macOS.

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