FC105 Financial Records Examination and Analysis  (3 Days)


Murray, UT
Tue 08/04/2020 - Thu 08/06/2020
Utah Attorney General’s Office, Investigations

5272 So. College Drive, Ste. 200
1st Floor - Training Room
Murray, UT 84123

Course description
This course covers the acquisition, examination, and analysis of many types of financial records, including bank statements and checks, wire transfer records, and business records. Topics include recognizing and investigating common indicators of fraud, using spreadsheets to facilitate analysis and pattern recognition, and financial profiling. There is a strong focus on presenting financial evidence in multiple modalities: spreadsheet data outputs, graphic representations, and written/oral presentations.

Introduction to analysis. Best practices. Finding patterns. Indicators of fraud. Presenting your findings.

Financial records. Bank records. Business documents.

Financial profiling. Methods of profiling. Reasons to create a profile. Creating a profile.

Hands-on experience. Work a mock financial case as part of an investigative team.

BYOD course
This is a BYOD (bring your own device) course. You will use your own laptop computer for all in-class exercises. Course materials will be provided on a USB thumb drive on the first day of class. Click here  for specific computer requirements and FAQs.

Don't have a laptop? No worries. NW3C can provide a limited number of laptops for student use. Email us at financial.tech@nw3c.org to request one.

All classes are subject to cancellation up to 45 days before the start of class if the minimum class registration threshold is not met.

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