DF310 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: Windows  (4 Days)


Miami, FL
Mon 06/15/2020 - Thu 06/18/2020
Miami Regional Operations Center

1030 NW 111 Avenue
1st Flr, Emergency Operations Center
Miami, FL 33172

Course description
This course covers the identification and extraction of artifacts associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Topics include the Change Journal, BitLocker, and a detailed examination of the various artifacts found in each of the Registry hive files. Students also examine Event Logs, Volume Shadow Copies, link files, and thumbnails. This course uses a mixture of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and hands-on exercises.

Recommended skills
This is an advanced course, intended for experienced digital forensic examiners with a solid understanding of digital forensic principles.

NW3C recommends that students complete the following courses before registering for Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: Windows.

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