Digital Forensics Fast Track  (17 Days)

Fort Worth, TX
Mon 03/09/2020 - Fri 12/11/2020
Fort Worth Police Department

1000 Calvert Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107

This training is intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel: those who are directly attached to or work in support of a law enforcement agency. Please register using your agency-issued email.

The Digital Forensics Fast Track program was developed to assist agencies in establishing or replenishing a cadre of digital forensic examiners in a short period of time. Multiple weeks of instruction are delivered at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks, allowing the students time to apply what they have learned before returning for more advanced training. The classes build upon each other, and earlier classes in the fast track serve as prerequisites for later classes.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to register for the entire fast track (6 or 7 classes). Check the location at left to make sure you are registering for the correct fast track.

Alternatively, use the list of Cybercrime classes to register for component classes individually.

All classes are subject to cancellation up to 45 days before the start of class if the minimum class registration threshold is not met.

Fast track schedule

Fort Worth, TX

3/9/20 - 3/11/20        Basic Cyber Investigations: Dark Web & Open Source 
(BCI-DW/OSINT, formerly SMOSI)
3/12/20 - 3/13/20      CI130 Basic Cyber Investigations: Cellular Records Analysis
(BCI-CRA, formerly CRA)
6/15/20 - 6/18/20     DF101 Basic Digital Forensic Analysis
(BDFA, formerly Previewing (STOP) & Acquisition (BDFI))
7/13/20 - 7/16/20      Intermediate Digital Forensic Analysis: Automated Forensic 
(IDFA-AFT, formerly DEEP)
10/19/20 - 10/22/20   Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: Windows
(ADFA-Win, formerly WinArt)

11/16/20 - 11/19/20  Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: iOS & Android
(ADFA-Mobile I, formerly MDFA)

12/7/20 - 12/11/20    DF320 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: macOS
(ADFA-Mac, formerly MFA)


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25 seats available
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