CI130 Basic Cyber Investigations: Cellular Records Analysis  (2 Days)


Hudson, OH
Thu 10/01/2020 - Fri 10/02/2020
Hudson Police Department

36 S. Oviatt St.
Hudson, OH 44236

Course description
This course is for officers, investigators, and analysts who encounter cell phone evidence that includes information external to the phone. Class concepts include instruction on how to request, read, and analyze call detail records from cellular providers; and how to plot cellular site locations to determine the approximate position of a suspect during a given period. No special hardware or software is required. However, this course focuses heavily on analysis; as such, a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is highly recommended. Students are provided with a free copy of NW3C's PerpHound tool, which assists in the plotting of call detail record locations.

Cellular technology. Land-line and cellular networks. Types and generations of cell phones. Cell site design and its implications for law enforcement.

Analysis of call detail records. Request information from service providers. Convert records into a useful format. Merge two related spreadsheets. Read and analyze using filters, sorting, and pivot tables. Plot location information.

Hands-on experience. Hands-on experience with NW3C's free software tool PerpHound and Microsoft Excel to analyze various types of records that are available from cellular providers.

Recommended skills
This course is intended for law enforcement personnel who have a working familiarity with Microsoft Excel.

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