FC099 Basic Level Spreadsheeting Skills  (BLSS)

FC204 Combating Transnational Crime & Terrorism Financing  (CTCTF)

FC110 Financial Crimes Against Seniors  (FCAS)

FC111 Financial Crimes Against Seniors Seminar  (FCSS)

FC203 Financial Investigations: Beyond the Basics  (FIBB)

FC101 Financial Investigations Practical Skills  (FIPS)

FC105 Financial Records Examination and Analysis  (FREA)

FC201 Financial Records Investigative Skills  (FRIS)

FC200 Intermediate Level Spreadsheeting Skills: Assessing and Organizing Data  (ILSS)

FC122 Intellectual Property Theft Training  (IPTT)

FC120 Responding to Transnational Elder Fraud: A Victim-Centered Approach for Law Enforcement  (RTEF)

FC130 Targeting Investment Fraud  (TIF)

TraffickSTOP Facilitator Onboarding  (TSFO)

FC102 Tools and Techniques for Financial Investigations  (TTFI)