NW3C Scheduled Courses
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CI102 Basic Cyber Investigations: Dark Web & Open Source Intelligence
CI130 Basic Cyber Investigations: Cellular Records Analysis
CI240 Intermediate Cyber Investigations: Virtual Currency
Cognitive Interviewing, Communication & Influence
DF101 Basic Digital Forensic Analysis
DF201 Intermediate Digital Forensic Analysis: Automated Forensic Tools
DF310 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: Windows
DF320 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: macOS
DF330 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis: iOS & Android
Digital Forensics Fast Track
FC101 Financial Investigations Practical Skills
FC102 Financial Investigations Triage
FC105 Financial Records Examination and Analysis
FC110 Financial Crimes Against Seniors
FC111 Financial Crimes Against Seniors Seminar
FC122 Intellectual Property Theft Training
FC130 Targeting Investment Fraud
FC201 Financial Records Investigative Skills
IA101 Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training
Investigating in the Dark Web
Mastering Cryptocurrencies: Understanding and Investigating Cryptocurrency Related Crimes

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