Legal Templates


The legal templates contained in this section are intended for criminal justice practitioners and have been provided by the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS), a division of the United States Department of Justice. There are over 100 available templates to assist practitioners in the investigation and prosecution of high-tech crime cases. In order to access these templates, you must be a criminal justice practitioner and logged in.

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  Electronic Evidence
  Applications and Orders
   Go-By for Non-Content
   Go-By for Content and Non-Content Delay
   Go-By for Content and Non-Content No Delay

  Certificate of Authenticity of Business Records
   Business Record Affidavit

  Consent Forms
   AOL Consent form
   Blizzard User Consent form
   MetroPCS Consent form
   Microsoft Consent form
   MySpace Consent form

  Cost Reimbursement
   Request for Additional Details
   Response to Request for Preservation of Preservation Costs
   Section 2706 Cost Reimbursement Guidance

  Emergency Disclosure Requests
   1&1 Internet
   Amazon Law Enforcement Guidelines
   AOL Guide
   Apple Emergency Disclosure Request for Law Enforcement
   Backpage LE Guide
   BlackBerry EMTek Transition Notice
   Carbonite LE Guide
   Clearwire Emergency Disclosure form
   Comcast Emergency Disclosure form
   Couchsurfing LE Guide
   Cricket Exigent Circumstances form
   Data Breach Legislation
   Deluxe LE Guide
   Dropbox LE Handbook
   EarthLink Emergency Request form
   Endurance International Group
   FB Secret Conversations whitepaper
   First Data LE Guide
   Five9 Inc
   GCI LE Guide
   Google Emergency Disclosure Request
   IAC InterActive Corp Contact List
   Level3 LE Contacts
   LinkedIn EDR
   MeetMe Legal Request Compliance Guide
   MeetMe Group
   MetroPCS Exigent Form
   Microsoft LE Guide
   MoneyGram US LE Reference Guide
   MySpace Emergency Disclosure
   Neustar Emergency Disclosure
   Nsight Exigent Circumstances form
   PayPal LE Guide
   Photobucket LE Guide
   Pinger Inc LE Guide
   Snapchat LE Guide
   TDS Exigent form
   TextNow Emergency Disclosure Request
   TextPlus Online LE Guide
   TMobile Exigent Circumstances
   TracFone PagePlus LE Guide
   US Cellular Exigent Circumstances form
   Verizon Communications
   ViaSat LE Guide
   Vonage LE Guide
   Wave Emergency Situation Disclosure Request
   WhatsApp EDR
   WOW LE Guide
   Yahoo Emergency Disclosure form

  Nondisclosure and Delay Notice
  Delayed Notice
   Extending Delayed Notice
   Certification by Supervisory Official
   Delayed Notice to Subscriber
   Prior Notice to Subscriber
  Nondisclosure Application
   Non-Disclosure by School

  Preservation Requests
   Cell Phone Preservation Request
   Extension Request
   Standard Preservation Request

  Consent Forms
   Apple ID and iCloud Search Warrant
   Cell Phone Account Search Warrant
   E-mail Account Search Warrant
   Facebook Search Warrant
   Generic ECPA Search Warrant
   Instagram Search Warrant
   Online File Storage ECPA Warrant
   Twitter Search Warrant
   Web Site Search Warrant

   Subpoena Go-By for Basic Subscriber Information
   Subpoena Go-By for Content and Basic Subscriber Information
  Location Information
   Cell-site Simulator Canvassing
   Cell-site Simulator Locating
   Historical ’Tower Dump’ data for Cell Towers
   Historical Cell-Site Data for Phones Search Warrant
   Historical Cell-Site Data for Phones
   Locating a Wi-Fi Device
   Prospective Cell-Site Data
   Prospective Phone-Location Data
   Witness Consent Form for Data Useage

  Pen-Trap Orders
   Broadband Internet Data for Cell Phones
   Cell Phone With Cost Cut-Through Dialed Digits
   Cell Phone Without Cost Cut-Through
   Domain Name
   IP Address
   Residential Broadband
   VOIP With Cost Cut-Through Dialed Digits
   VOIP Without Cost Cut-Through

  Search Warrants
   Android All Writs Act Order
   Apple Touch ID Search Warrant
   Electronic Device Search Warrant
   iPhone All Writs Act Order
   Premise Search Warrant

  Tracking Devices
   Application for a Tracking Warrant
   Order Requiring Assistance in Executing a Tracking Warrant
   Tracking Warrant
   Vehicle Tracking

  Wiretap Orders
   Affidavit for Interception of Internet Traffic From a Particular IP Address
   Server Location in a Co-Location Facility


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Model Policy for Seizing Cryptocurrencies


Model Policy Image 


The purpose of this model policy is to provide law enforcement officers with guidelines for the seizure of virtual and crypto currencies in a forensically sound manner. This document also contains definitions to terms and technology that officers need to be familiar with in order to successfully investigate cases involving these types of currencies.

In order to access these templates, you must be a criminal justice practitioner and logged in.

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   Model Cryptocurrency Policy
Law Enforcement Cyber Alerts