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Bitcoin Investigative Field Guide

The Bitcoin Investigative Field Guide provides information to law enforcement officers on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Learn the background of Bitcoin, its market value, what it can be used for and why it is important to law enforcement. This guide explains how Bitcoin is obtained through online exchanges and ’mining’, where Bitcoin is stored, how to obtain a Bitcoin wallet, and a 4-step process to seizing a suspect’s Bitcoin.

Information on obtaining specialized and technical assistance is also detailed in this guide.

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The print version of the Bitcoin Investigative Field Guide (2.5MB) is available for download here. To print the guide, use 11x17 paper, duplex print (double-sided), and flip on short edge.

Bitcoin Web Graphic
Intellectual Property Theft Resource

This resource provides sample documents that may be useful in investigating certain types of intellectual property crimes. The user should be aware that this reference may contain forms or language that are not applicable to a particular jurisdiction. Please make sure to discuss the applicable intellectual property crime state and local laws with the appropriate prosecutor in your jurisdiction.

Information on obtaining specialized and technical assistance is also detailed in this guide.

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An Intellectual Property Theft Resource (1.2MB) is available for download.

Law Enforcement Cyber Alerts


Sarahah is an iOS and Android compatible messaging app that allows users to solicit feedback on posts and viewers to comment anonymously.

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Housepartyis an iOS and Android compatible videoconferencing app that allows up to 8 individuals to join in.

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Roblox is a multi-platform game that allows users to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with others in an immersive 3D environment.

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