FC100 Overview of White Collar Crime

This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners. Please register using your agency-issued email.

This course was funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

This course presents awareness-level information on a variety of topics related to white collar crime. The course covers basic definitions and terminology, common types of white collar crime, and the effects of white collar crime on society. Students learn to recognize and respond to common internet scams, provide assistance to victims of white collar crime, and recognize warning signs and red flags of criminal behavior. This course emphasizes law enforcement’s role in preventing and responding to white collar crime, and includes additional resources for combating this widespread problem.

This course has been certified by IADLEST as part of the National Certification Program.

Students who complete this course and pass the post test are eligible for 0.125 points toward the CECFE certification.

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  Length Class Part/Link Status
5 minPre-test

After completing the pre-test, proceed to Module 1: Introduction.

15 minIntroduction

After completing this module, proceed to Module 2: Crimes and Their Effects.

45 minCrimes and Their Effects

After completing this module, proceed to Module 3: Criminals and Victims.

25 minCriminals and Victims

After completing this module, proceed to the post-test.

5 minPost-test

Students who score 80% or higher have passed the post-test and will be awarded a certificate of completion.

5 minEvaluation

Student feedback is an important part of the training cycle. Please complete the following evaluation to assist us in determining the effectiveness of our training and obtain 100% completion for this course.

 Print Certificate of Completion

   To print a certificate, you must score 80% or higher on the post-test and be logged in.


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