CI106 Apple Introduction

This course was funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

This online course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to identify different types of Apple hardware and to use the macOS operating system. Students learn what hardware devices are currently available from Apple including laptops, desktops, wireless hardware, and mobile devices. Students are also introduced to the macOS graphical user interface and its four major components: Desktop, Finder, Menu Bar, and Dock.

This course serves as a prerequisite for ADFA-Mac but can also be completed as a stand-alone course.

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  Length Class Part/Link Status
5 minPre-test

Did you score 80% or higher?
You have satisfied your prerequisite requirement.

Did you score less than 80%?
Proceed to Apple Introduction.

Do you need a certificate of completion?
Proceed to Apple Introduction. To earn a certificate, you must complete the instructional module, video demonstration, and post-test even if you scored 80% or higher on the pre-test.

45 minApple Introduction
After completing this module, proceed to the video demonstration.
30 minVideo Demonstration
After viewing the demonstration, proceed to the post-test.
5 minPost-Test

Students who score 80% or higher have passed the post-test and will be awarded a certificate of completion.

5 minEvaluation
Your feedback is an important part of the training cycle. Please complete the following evaluation to assist us in determining the effectiveness of our training and to obtain 100% completion for this course.
 Print Certificate of Completion

   To print a certificate, you must score 80% or higher on the post-test and be logged in.


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