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Identifying & Seizing Electronic Evidence

This 4-hour course introduces the information and techniques law enforcement personnel need to safely and methodically collect and preserve electronic evidence at a crime scene. Topics include recognizing potential sources of electronic evidence; planning and executing a digital evidence-based seizure; and the preservation, packaging, documentation, and transfer of digital evidence.

Course Fee: $179 per student

Social Media
Social Media & Open Source Intelligence

This 12-hour course is delivered over a 3-day period and covers the skills investigators need to conduct successful online investigations involving social media. Topics include internet basics such as IP addresses and domains, an overview of currently popular social media platforms, and best practices for building an online undercover profile. Instructors demonstrate both open-source and commercially-available investigative tools for social engineering, information gathering, and artifacts related to social media; as well as automated utilities to capture information and crawl websites.

Course Fee: $499 per student

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In addition to the courses listed above, NW3C can provide customized virtual classroom training to meet your organization’s unique needs. NW3C can deliver training on a number of topics including financial investigations, virtual currency, blockchain, and intelligence analysis.

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