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In an effort to provide information about trends related to white collar crime, NW3C’s Research section periodically produces issue briefs and whitepapers for general and law enforcement audiences.
National Public Survey on White Collar Crime

The National Public Survey on White Collar Crime measures the public’s attitude on the seriousness and impact of white collar crime and law enforcement’s efforts to investigate, prosecute and prevent it.
White Collar Crime Research Consortium

Henry Pontell

Kristy Holtfreter
Vice President

The White Collar Crime Research Consortium (WCCRC) is a collective of academic scholars and practitioners committed to promoting increased public awareness of the impact and burden of white collar crime on society through dedicated research.

The WCCRC has semi-annual meetings that are held in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology.

There are no fees for either membership or participation in the WCCRC. Membership is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time if you so decide.

For membership questions or comments about WCCRC, please contact April Wall-Parker.

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