Social Media & School Violence

In this six-part video series offered by NW3C, investigators will gain invaluable, up-to-date information on social media trends and other material designed to help law enforcement who work with youth today. Indiana State Police Lt. Chuck Cohen, a veteran cyber crimes investigator and expert in social media, narrates each training module. In addition, law enforcement executives from across the United States share their insight into the problem of school violence and ways to confront it.

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Training content is divided into six sections:

Part 1 - Case Study: Jeff Weise. For more than a year before killing several classmates and himself, Weise posted numerous violent and suicidal items on blogs and social networks.
Part 2 - Historical Perspective. Over the years, perpetrators of mass violence have often presaged their violent acts with disturbing messages or other indicators. In the age of social media, these forewarnings have come in the form of online messages and other content.

Part 3 - Evolution of Online Social Networks. Social sharing platforms change rapidly, and so do the ways in which young people interact online. 

Part 4 - Interactions with Internet Service Providers. Learn what types of data and content Internet Service Providers can provide to law enforcement.

Part 5 - Emerging Trends. Discover how the social networking world's rapid evolution will affect online investigations.

Part 6 - Interacting in Social Communities. Conducting investigations online requires extensive preparation and clear agency guidelines.

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