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Learn the basics of seizing and preserving an electronic device on the scene of an investigation. A step-by-step walkthrough of what to expect, what to prepare for, and helpful tips from our experienced expert will help you have a more successful and secure seizure.


Learn the basics of reacting to business email compromise in an efficient and effective way. This step by step walkthrough and brief background, will help you obtain a better scope of this emerging threat and potential investigative leads.


NW3C offers, free of charge, a number of tools to assist our law enforcement partners in the prosecution of economic and high-tech crime. Visit our Law Enforcement Tools page for more information.


Learn the basics of the deep and dark webs and how they can affect and aid in your investigations. This mystified portion of the web quietly dominates the largest percentage of the internet that we are accustomed to using. This video will also help clarify some of the most common misconceptions as it relates to these portions of the internet