Commercial Products

NW3C, in conjunction with other companies offers the following courses related to learning, understanding and using the corresponding commercial products.

The training covers products that fall under the purview of NW3C's expertise. These products will tend to focus on forensic collection, preservation, and analysis of various forms of digital evidence.

Note that training related to commercial products tend to have some cost associated with them. 

For more information (e.g. location or dates) or to enter a registration request, click on a course title below. Or, you can hover your mouse over the title for a brief description of the course.

CP CC2C - Cybercrime: From Crime to Courtroom (CC2C)

CP IIT - Internet Intelligence Training (IIT)

CP OSNII - Successful Use of Online Social Networking for Investigations and Intelligence (OSNII)

Forensics Tool Testing

National Institute of Standards and Technology

In an effort to enhance its support for law enforcement at the state and local level, NW3C participates in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) steering committee.

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Hosting NW3C Classes

If you are interested in hosting NW3C’s training in your area please review the appropriate information below. Note that your agency will be allowed to reserve seats for the class(es) and must meet the criteria described in the document associated with the type of hosting you request.

Training Contacts

Instructor Led
Phone:   (877) 628-7674


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