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Race Against the Clock Mobile Forensics: Rapid Data Extractions
Mon, May 11, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern
Duration: 90 Minutes

When you’re racing the clock in a rapidly evolving investigation, finding and extracting the most important digital evidence quickly is critical. But with the rapid pace of change in mobile device hardware, software, and apps – especially highly encrypted apps – forensic investigators, examiners, and others are playing catch up to providing evidential data in a quick and reliable manner. As devices now are also capable of storing vast quantities of data, adding even more complexity, how do you balance the need for speed in your extraction and analysis while also capturing all the data you need to bring an investigation to the next stage?

In this webinar, we’ll outline mobile forensics triage best practices, including how to create a targeted extraction profile to search for, identify and extract the information you want quickly, even when dealing with large data volumes. We’ll also dive into new methods that can be used to acquire and parse application data, even from secured apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, and tips and tricks to make sure the steps you’re taking to collect information are forensically sound and will stand up in court.

Presented by: Greg Masterson, MSAB

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