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Of Ponzis and Pyramids: Effective Use of a Forensic Auditor in Investment Fraud Investigations
Tue, Dec 01, 2020 1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern
Duration: 90 Minutes

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Investment frauds result in the theft of millions of dollars from investors on a yearly basis, many times without the victims knowing that they have been defrauded.  Fraudsters may target those of modest means or those with small fortunes, yet their methods are almost always the same.  Learning how to identify common types of investment frauds, the effective methods for investigating such schemes, and how to successfully prosecute these crimes is key to protecting unsuspecting investors from these scams.

This course will focus on common types of investment frauds, including Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, the effective use of forensic auditors throughout such investigations, and what steps need to be taken by the prosecution team to successfully hold these fraudsters accountable. 

Presented by:
Philip Apruzzese, New York Office of the Attorney General
Jason Blair, New York Office of the Attorney General

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