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Disrupting the Shadow Economy Using Motive-Oriented Crime Suppression
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Duration: 75 Minutes

Recorded on March 11, 2021

The initial webinar, Shadow Economy 101, examined the critical importance of upholding the rule of law and illustrated how the business-of-crime does intolerable damage to our communities’ economic infrastructure, disenfranchising our most economically vulnerable citizens.

In part two of the series, 30-year Phoenix Police Veteran, Detective Sergeant David Lake (ret.) presents the revolutionary investigative methods he leveraged to combat shadow economic crimes in the fifth-largest city in the nation. His "motive-oriented crime suppression" technique was used to reduce crime (caseload) in less time and with fewer resources than traditional, method-centric approaches. Most importantly, it fundamentally disrupted and dismantled the systems that were propagating criminal offenses without aggravating social conditions by relying on police saturation or mass incarceration.

Through internal research and case studies, attendees will be exposed to:

• Alternative case management concepts
• Techniques for proactive and precision investigations
• New applications of police intelligence and crime analysis

Presented by:
David Lake, Det Sgt Retired, CEO, Center on Shadow Economics

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